The Photo Session

The length of your session varies depending on which package you chose. It varies from Social Plus : 1 hour to Business with make-up at 2 to 2.5 hrs


I go through the images and make an initial selection for you (eliminating shots, say, where you blinked etc.). I put these on a password protected web page for you and send you a link to the page and the password.

Pick your favourite

Now it's down to you to pick your favourite. Some people do this within a day or so, others will take much longer. Take your time, get it right.


Photoshop or Post production is where we clean-up the image. Now we don't go overboard but we do take care of things like flyaway hairs, blemishes, some skin softening etc.

Edit goes up.

We upload the edit to your page and await your approval.

Tweaks or Approval

Sometimes people ask for further tweaks and sometimes they approve the image.

Zip File and Invoice

We generate the different versions, zip it all up and put it up on your page. We also generate a link to your invoice and add that to your page.

*** Fast Turnaround***

Please note, we do offer a fast-track service (delivery of edit within 24 hours of selection). The client is required to review the proofs with me on the day of the session to narrow down the choice to just 1 file. That file goes directly into post-production and an edit is made ready within 24 hours. There is a fee for this service as it effectively pushes you to the front of the queue and we also reserve session time in order to accommodate your edit.