Test Sessions with BBImagery

Nearly all photographers run test sessions in their own unique way, as a model, you should know what you’re getting for your time and what the photographer expects when you arrive. So, here’s how we like to run our sessions.

How long are the sessions?

Review the casting, it should mention the session length, a single headshot session might be 60 minutes, other sessions may go up to 4-5 hrs.

OK, then what do I need to bring?

If we’re doing a beauty headshot, a bandeau or something that gives you bare neck and shoulders is preferable.  For theme work it will have been discussed beforehand. Golden rule – If in doubt – bring it, more is always better and you might be surprised at what works really well in front of the camera.

Bring a small make-up kit – enough to fix flyaway hairs and give you a clean, natural face (foundation, concealer, eye liner) unless a make-up artist is part of the team.

Sounds good, what else should I know?

Simple : Treat a test like any job.

Please be on time, just like a regular job.  If you are running behind, text or call. I’ll happy to wait up to 15 minutes without a call and 30 minutes with a call.

Escorts & Drivers : I treat test sessions like any professional job – anybody who doesn’t have to be on set isn’t permitted to stay on set. Lots of coffee shops to hang out while we get the job done.

Fair enough, what about make-up artists?

Nothing can beat having a good MUA to work with but if we can’t get the scheduling to work and the casting does not require a MUA, then you need to be able to get yourself presentable and nothing more. If you are a make-up artist and would like to be part of a session, just contact me directly (castings@bbimagery.com) with a link to your online portfolio.

 So, we shoot then what?

Then we sit down and review the images. You decide which ones you like. I create a password-protected web page for you and you can review your selections. You narrow it down to an agreed amount (somewhere between 5-10), send me the filenames of the ones you want I work on them over 2 weeks. I then upload the high-resolution files back to your web page.

What can I do with my images? What can’t I do?

You can post them on social media sites, modelling sites or blogs. You can send them to agencies, you can print them or email them.

You can’t sell them or re-edit them.

What can you do with the images?

The same. At the end of the day, a test session isn’t about money; it’s about exposure and developing our portfolios.


OK, I think I’ve got it. What do you need from me?

Simple – fill out this form.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Maximum file size: 5mb.

Please ask as many questions as you want. I need you to be fully aware of what your commitment is to the session and what you can expect in return – no surprises, no disappointments, everyone on the same page.