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March 2018

Model Eugenya : Patience


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a model by the name Eugenya and she remains one of my all-time favourite models for a number of reasons, primarily though Eugenya has “posing patience”. Perhaps I should elaborate what I mean when I say “posing patience”. [...]

Model Eugenya : Patience2018-03-25T09:25:13-04:00

March 2014

Eugenya at BBImagery Studios


You know once in a while I like to work on personal projects. A majority of my creative work is still portrait in nature but these projects allow me to experiment with different lighting, different posing and other elements of composition which simply wouldn't be acceptable with client work. It also affords me the opportunity [...]

Eugenya at BBImagery Studios2014-07-08T11:05:59-04:00