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October 2019

Sherone : In A Word – Passion.


In some industries and occupations, I'm convinced that what really works is a combination of factors that won't show up on any resume. Things likeĀ  passion, integrity and personality. Having changed careers myself so that I could pursue something I was passionate about, I've seen many people living corporate lives and whilst they [...]

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March 2019

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient


I'm going to take a wild guess here. There are some people who you like to do business with, over and over and they all have that one thing in common. And that one thing? Well it's somewhat elusive, probably cannot be taught, isn't in any textbook and there's no Netflix special on [...]

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December 2018

Vishal’s Choice


One of the hardest parts of my job is not in the actual photography, it's in what happens after the session is done. For those that don't know, once the session is concluded, we've probably taken somewhere in the region of 60-100 images. On my computer, with my software, I can easily review [...]

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October 2018

Century 21 Miller : Committed to Excellence.


Some time ago I was working with a client and asked her how she had found out about me. It's a simple question but it helps me determine where my marketing dollars, time and effort are making a difference. I have run campaigns on Google, LinkedIn and others [...]

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August 2018

Navi : Client First, Second and Third.


BBImagery has a strong relationship with Century 21 Miller in Oakville, a Century 21 office that has over 80+ years of management experience on-board and is recognized as one of the top 12 offices globally. Each realtor that they send to us is different so we listen and adapt our sessions [...]

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