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October 2019

Sherone : In A Word – Passion.


In some industries and occupations, I'm convinced that what really works is a combination of factors that won't show up on any resume. Things like  passion, integrity and personality. Having changed careers myself so that I could pursue something I was passionate about, I've seen many people living corporate lives and whilst they [...]

Sherone : In A Word – Passion.2019-10-11T20:06:54-04:00

March 2019

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient


I'm going to take a wild guess here. There are some people who you like to do business with, over and over and they all have that one thing in common. And that one thing? Well it's somewhat elusive, probably cannot be taught, isn't in any textbook and there's no Netflix special on [...]

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient2019-03-14T15:22:23-04:00

January 2019

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All


I must admit, there are some jobs that I couldn't do. It's not because I wouldn't want to, it's because it sometimes takes a special individual with a special set of skills to fill these roles. One of these people is Nikki Reavie, an Occupational Therapist with Sensory Based Solutions (SBS). I had [...]

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All2019-01-21T09:12:26-04:00

April 2018

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC


I ask my clients to bring various things to their session; a change of clothing for example just in case what they thought would work best, turns out for the worst. One thing that I don’t mention (and perhaps I should) is energy. You know I can show you how to turn [...]

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC2018-04-10T15:17:21-04:00

January 2018

Steffen deGraaf : Composing financial success.


Although we’re primarily a headshot photography company, we do offer other ‘formats’. One common request is to be shot against a white background, not because of the look, but because the background will be removed in a process called compositing. Essentially compositing involves removing the subject from one background and [...]

Steffen deGraaf : Composing financial success.2018-01-16T15:30:01-04:00

November 2017

Profile Adjustment? Dr. Brad Deakin visits BBImagery


Many years ago I suffered a neck injury during a workout routine. Like most young adults, I thought little of it. Like a scar that would heal or a blemish that would fade, this muscle tear would miraculously patch itself up and all would be well in the world. Well of course that didn’t happen. [...]

Profile Adjustment? Dr. Brad Deakin visits BBImagery2017-11-02T12:39:19-04:00

March 2016

Fit in and Stand Out.


It's a paradox I see almost every day. My clients want to set themselves apart, yet they want to show that they belong. They dress in clothes that they know will be accepted, yet they want people to notice them above all others. You are unique. Can it be done? Can you be [...]

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June 2014

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 3 : The Session & The Results


In the final part of this article we walk you through a typical headshot session with photographer Brhum Bhatia of BBImagery. In the first part of this article (Part1) we covered the kind of information you need to supply to your photographer prior to the session to maximize the effectiveness of your time. Tell your [...]

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 3 : The Session & The Results2016-08-15T10:40:23-04:00

May 2014

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 2 : Wardrobe choices for timeless images.


In the first part of this series (link), we looked at the kind of questions you should ask and information you should share with your photographer before your session, this article covers wardrobe choices and how to ensure your images age gracefully. Confess... When your wardrobe choices were made by someone else... Let's [...]

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 2 : Wardrobe choices for timeless images.2016-08-15T10:38:09-04:00

February 2014

BBImagery & Yonas : Headshots for a grad.


I had the pleasure of working with Yonas Mebrahtu recently. Yonas is a graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University where her earned an Honours BBA in Supply Chain Management. Yonas recognized the need for a strong profile image on LinkedIn and choose BBImagery when he saw one of our adverts and reviewed our web site and [...]

BBImagery & Yonas : Headshots for a grad.2014-07-08T11:03:19-04:00

January 2014

Laurie Provost (Royal LePage) at BBImagery


Laurie Provost and BBImagery recently worked together to produce a series of images for her web site.  Laurie is a realtor working for Royal LePage Oakville.  Laurie was looking for images specifically for her web site (http://laurieprovost.ca/) and we produced a series of high resolution images together. When it came to the web site, we [...]

Laurie Provost (Royal LePage) at BBImagery2014-07-08T11:13:09-04:00