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January 2019

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All


I must admit, there are some jobs that I couldn't do. It's not because I wouldn't want to, it's because it sometimes takes a special individual with a special set of skills to fill these roles. One of these people is Nikki Reavie, an Occupational Therapist with Sensory Based Solutions (SBS). I had [...]

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All2019-01-21T09:12:26-04:00

April 2018

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC


I ask my clients to bring various things to their session; a change of clothing for example just in case what they thought would work best, turns out for the worst. One thing that I don’t mention (and perhaps I should) is energy. You know I can show you how to turn [...]

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC2018-04-10T15:17:21-04:00

March 2018

Model Eugenya : Patience


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a model by the name Eugenya and she remains one of my all-time favourite models for a number of reasons, primarily though Eugenya has “posing patience”. Perhaps I should elaborate what I mean when I say “posing patience”. [...]

Model Eugenya : Patience2018-03-25T09:25:13-04:00

January 2018

Steffen deGraaf : Composing financial success.


Although we’re primarily a headshot photography company, we do offer other ‘formats’. One common request is to be shot against a white background, not because of the look, but because the background will be removed in a process called compositing. Essentially compositing involves removing the subject from one background and [...]

Steffen deGraaf : Composing financial success.2018-01-16T15:30:01-04:00

November 2017

Profile Adjustment? Dr. Brad Deakin visits BBImagery


Many years ago I suffered a neck injury during a workout routine. Like most young adults, I thought little of it. Like a scar that would heal or a blemish that would fade, this muscle tear would miraculously patch itself up and all would be well in the world. Well of course that didn’t happen. [...]

Profile Adjustment? Dr. Brad Deakin visits BBImagery2017-11-02T12:39:19-04:00

March 2016

Fit in and Stand Out.


It's a paradox I see almost every day. My clients want to set themselves apart, yet they want to show that they belong. They dress in clothes that they know will be accepted, yet they want people to notice them above all others. You are unique. Can it be done? Can you be [...]

Fit in and Stand Out.2016-03-04T11:26:58-04:00

August 2014

14 psychologists walk into a building…


Stop me if you've heard this one before; 14 psychologists walk into a building... It sounds like the beginning of a joke but when the Oakville Centre for Cognitive Therapy (OCCT) contacted BBImagery for headshots, that's exactly what happened. Dr. Stephen Swallow was looking for a photographer to produce headshots suitable for the OCCT's new web [...]

14 psychologists walk into a building…2015-07-30T16:05:48-04:00

June 2014

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 3 : The Session & The Results


In the final part of this article we walk you through a typical headshot session with photographer Brhum Bhatia of BBImagery. In the first part of this article (Part1) we covered the kind of information you need to supply to your photographer prior to the session to maximize the effectiveness of your time. Tell your [...]

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 3 : The Session & The Results2016-08-15T10:40:23-04:00

May 2014

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 2 : Wardrobe choices for timeless images.


In the first part of this series (link), we looked at the kind of questions you should ask and information you should share with your photographer before your session, this article covers wardrobe choices and how to ensure your images age gracefully. Confess... When your wardrobe choices were made by someone else... Let's [...]

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 2 : Wardrobe choices for timeless images.2016-08-15T10:38:09-04:00

September 2013

Vintage Pre-Shoot


I thought I'd make a short post with an image from last night. I did a pre-shoot session with Kateryna (Toronto) to test some ideas we had for an upcoming vintage session. It was great fun and we produced some good looks/plenty of notes to help us when we get everything together for the actual [...]

Vintage Pre-Shoot2013-09-19T13:22:04-04:00

May 2013

Vladimir Kondratov at BBImagery


We had the pleasure of working with up-and-coming model Vladimir Kondratov when he came into our studio for a headshot session. The season was easy and relaxed, which always helps to get the best type of images. Vladimir was delighted with the images... "Thanks again for working with me, the photos turned out fantastic and [...]

Vladimir Kondratov at BBImagery2014-07-08T11:35:48-04:00

April 2013

Gennile Thomas at BBImagery Studios


Gennille Thomas swung by for a headshot session. This fashion stylist had only a short hop from nearby Oakville, Ontario. We decided on making the shoot all about getting some good headshots and I'd like to think we succeeded in that. [nggallery id=10]

Gennile Thomas at BBImagery Studios2014-07-08T11:36:45-04:00

Kimkaye Watson at BBImagery Studios


Kimkaye Watson came in to BBImagery studios in Burlington, Ontario for a photoshoot. We had previously discussed what kind of work she wanted and she’s adventurous enough to try […]

Kimkaye Watson at BBImagery Studios2014-07-08T11:37:08-04:00

Photoshoot with Chris Lago


Chris Lago came into the studio this week for a photoshoot. He's looking to increase his profile and decided to look at BBImagery to help him do just that. The photoshoot was informal, fun and relaxing and we got the shots we needed at the end of the session.  

Photoshoot with Chris Lago2014-07-08T11:37:31-04:00