Vishal’s Choice

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One of the hardest parts of my job is not in the actual photography, it’s in what happens after the session is done. For those that don’t know, once the session is concluded, we’ve probably taken somewhere in the region of 60-100 images. On my computer, with my software, I can easily review several images at the time and tag …

Cristian Values

Brhum Bhatia Business

Cristian is a man of many talents, speaking 5 languages, having worked as a professional DJ and currently a realtor with Right at Home Realty in Burlington, Ontario. Cristian hails from Romania but has traveled extensively throughout his life. He approached BBImagery for a new set of headshots for his realty venture. We spoke about what makes him different from …

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC

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I ask my clients to bring various things to their session; a change of clothing for example just in case what they thought would work best, turns out for the worst. One thing that I don’t mention (and perhaps I should) is energy. You know I can show you how to turn and face the right way to compliment the …

Profile Adjustment? Dr. Brad Deakin visits BBImagery

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Many years ago I suffered a neck injury during a workout routine. Like most young adults, I thought little of it. Like a scar that would heal or a blemish that would fade, this muscle tear would miraculously patch itself up and all would be well in the world. Well of course that didn’t happen. For years I struggled with …

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 3 : The Session & The Results

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In the final part of this article we walk you through a typical headshot session with photographer Brhum Bhatia of BBImagery. In the first part of this article (Part1) we covered the kind of information you need to supply to your photographer prior to the session to maximize the effectiveness of your time. Tell your photographer if there’s a particular …

Wardrobe choices for timeless images.

Preparing for your professional headshot – Part 2 : Wardrobe choices for timeless images.

Brhum Bhatia Business

In the first part of this series (link), we looked at the kind of questions you should ask and information you should share with your photographer before your session, this article covers wardrobe choices and how to ensure your images age gracefully. Confess… Let’s start with a bit of a confessional. We’ve all got pictures of ourselves, that seldom see …

Katie Porter and Sarah Lampson at BBImagery

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I had the pleasure of working with Sarah Lampson and Katie Porter  who recently came to the studio to work on their new business headshots. It’s always pleasure to work with interesting people and Katie and Sarah didn’t disappoint, being the author of a couple of books on Amazon (“Steer your career“, “The A-Z Guide to Research Contract Review“) and …

DirectIN Logo

BBImagery produces headshots for healthcare consultant DirectIN

Brhum Bhatia Business

  BBImagery recently had the pleasure of working with Healthcare consultancy DirectIN ( and their President Sandy Davies and Vice-President Andrea Johnstone to provide business headshots for their web site. We operated two separate headshot sessions to accommodate their busy schedule, producing distinct but complimentary images. We worked with our clients to ensure that the final product matched the desired …

Brhum Bhatia (BBImagery) shooting Kateryna for a vintage session

Vintage Pre-Shoot

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I thought I’d make a short post with an image from last night. I did a pre-shoot session with Kateryna (Toronto) to test some ideas we had for an upcoming vintage session. It was great fun and we produced some good looks/plenty of notes to help us when we get everything together for the actual session.