Sometimes you’re a square peg and everyone is offering a round hole.

Our packages are designed around individual needs but we certainly appreciate that your needs might be different. That’s why you’re here, so let’s get started.
We need a little bit of information from you so we can give you a quote that hopefully meets those needs as well as that ever-shrinking budget.

First off, how many of you are there?

In terms of getting a quote out for you, we need to know how many people we’re expecting to photograph. This impacts not only the session length but also the amount of time we have to spend in post-processing those images. So our next question is…

How many shots per person?

Typically our clients require between 1 and 2 images per person. For example, there may be a specific requirement for, say a 10×8 version of the image as well as a 1×1 for LinkedIn.

Your place or mine?

Sometimes it’s not always practical to shoot at your location, we need a bit of space to set up a small studio and that isn’t always easy to find. If you’re concerned, just ask for “both” in the location options and we’ll happy give you a quote for shooting at your place and shooting at my studio. Remember to fill out the location section if you’re asking for either “your location”or “both” so we can estimate travel distance.

Special requirements

If there are any special requirements, you’re welcome to fill us in on the details in the text area at the bottom of the form. For example, if you need headshots for a special event we’re going to need the specific date of the event. Or perhaps you’re looking for something totally different, such as a series of shots of you and your staff in action for a web site. Use the area and let us know, we’ll contact you if there’s more info we need before we can give you your quote.

Finally a bit of advice…Scheduling?

Face it, the more people that need their headshot, the harder it will be to co-ordinate everyone’s schedule. Vacations, working from home, doctor’s appointments, bad-hair days, sleepless nights, you name it, it can happen. What can you do?

Simple. Let us do it for you.

For those wishing to use our studio for their individual headshots, we can provide a self-booking system. Whenever you or your staff are ready for their headshot, they simply visit the web page and book themselves in. We send them a confirmation email so they know they’re booked in.

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