A simple solution to multiple headshots.

For some of our larger clients, with either a one-time large headshot booking or an ongoing need for headshots, we offer our highest rate of discounts and a specially customized package / pricing to maximize your investment.
Here’s how it works.
  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. We get in touch and discuss your needs.
  3. If you like what we’re proposing, we set up the system. It takes a couple of days and it’s password-protected for your safety. We send you the password.
  4. ¬†You give it a test-run to make sure you’re happy. If you are, the system is live.
  5. You let your employees / contractors etc. know about the system and they book themselves in whenever they want. We can either bill the individuals or we can wait until a certain number of headshots are done and we can send you a single invoice.
PLEASE NOTE : Our self-booking system only applies to in-studio shots, not on-location.

Corporate Self-Booking Inquiry Form

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