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Why Us?

We provide a first-class experience and an outstanding headshot, but what else do we do that's unique. Well...


You get a discount based on how many people are booking and best-of-all, your price is guaranteed for one year.
Practically no administration on your side. Employees book their headshot whenever they're free - that includes weekends and evenings. This avoids problems with people on vacation, sick days, bad hair days, last minute emergencies or just caught up in meetings.
All your employees will be given the same background and same composition, so your bio page looks co-ordinated and cohesive - everyone's part of the same team. It doesn't matter if they come in for their headshot today or six months from now.
One Page
We set-up a password-protected portfolio page - a single page where you can access all your employee's headshots. Simple, convenient and easy to access. Whenever you need to pull a headshot, just visit your web page and download it.
Single invoice
We can either bill your for individual headshots or we can generate a single invoice for a block of headshots - whatever is easier and convenient for you. All invoices can be paid online (VISA, MC, AMEX) by cheque or by Interac.
Print, Web and Social Ready
Your headshot comes in 3 sizes. A version designed for print (high resolution), a version designed for web pages (medium resolution) and a version designed for social media (e.g. LinkedIn). Practically everything you need.

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