Let's collaborate

If you're interested in working with me on a project then that's terrific. Below you'll find everything you need.


What kind of projects are you working on?

Click on the INSPIRATIONAL IMAGES link below and have a look through the images. Make a note of the project you're interested in and your top 3 images.




How long are the sessions?

You're looking at between 3 to about 5 hours. I prefer we take our time and produce our best work, so things are never rushed. Let's get it right.

Outfits and Make Up

What do I bring?

Golden rule – If in doubt – bring it, more is always better. If we have a make-up artist joining us then arrive with minimal / no make-up, if we don't then we're probably doing work that requires very little make-up so a small make-up kit should be fine.

Selection, quantity and time.

Who picks the final image? How many do I get and how long does it take?

Let's say we've done 3 looks. For your portfolio you probably need 1 or 2 images per look so that's about 6 images. If there's a make-up artist we normally add one extra image per look. Each image normally takes 2 to 3 days to edit, so after 3-4 weeks you should all the images.


What can I do with the images?

Pretty much anything except sell them or re-edit them. The only thing I'd ask for is that you make sure you credit the whole team wherever you post them.

Common Questions

A few things that often come up.

So here's a few things that often come up when I'm discussing these sessions, if you have any more questions, just email me and I'll answer them for you.

I'm running late / need to cancel.

Call me / Text me / Message me. If you're not going to make it, or running late get in touch so we can decide what to do. Just don't keep us hanging around. I normally wait around 15 minutes without any message.

I know a make-up artist who wants to be part of this.

Great. Get him or her to get in-touch with me and let's get them on-board for the session.


I don't permit anyone not directly involved with the session to be present. I'm happy to meet prior to the session if you want and happy to provide references.

I'm in, what next?

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