March 2019

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient


I'm going to take a wild guess here. There are some people who you like to do business with, over and over and they all have that one thing in common. And that one thing? Well it's somewhat elusive, probably cannot be taught, isn't in any textbook and there's no Netflix special on [...]

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient2019-03-14T15:22:23-04:00

February 2019

Katie Porter : Driven to Deliver


I've photographed Katie Porter a couple of times now. I remember the first time because Katie left a lasting impression. Katie is driven. Now I meet driven people all the time - from CEOs of global companies to self-starters about to make their mark in the world. Katie ranks with the very very [...]

Katie Porter : Driven to Deliver2019-02-25T14:00:54-04:00