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Brhum Bhatia is the owner of BBImagery, a headshot photography studio based in Burlington, Ontario. We specialize in headshots for professionals, actors and models.

March 2020

Marcus Riganelli : Blueprint for Success


Marcus Riganelli, Owner/Founder of Riganelli Automation Starting out on your own isn't easy. That's why, as a society, we laud those that have taken a step into the unknown. Many years ago I gave up a career that I didn't want to pursue anymore (IT) to become a photographer [...]

Marcus Riganelli : Blueprint for Success2020-03-16T19:21:34-04:00

February 2020

Confidence Culture


Ryan enters the studio. He looks sharp, his hair, clothes, tie, accessories all sit exceptionally well on his frame. We talk a little about what we want to achieve during the session and it’s clear Ryan is looking to experiment a bit. There’s always a fine line between [...]

Confidence Culture2020-02-14T18:24:06-05:00

January 2020

Why Should You Get A Professional Headshot?


Back-in-the-day, professional headshots were limited to upper or senior management. Those days are gone my friend. Today everyone from the CEO down to the latest graduate are getting professional profiles. Why? Well we can blame/thanks Social Media and Social Networks such as LinkedIn for a large part of that. "More than 90% of [...]

Why Should You Get A Professional Headshot?2020-01-20T19:39:32-05:00

October 2019

Sherone : In A Word – Passion.


In some industries and occupations, I'm convinced that what really works is a combination of factors that won't show up on any resume. Things like  passion, integrity and personality. Having changed careers myself so that I could pursue something I was passionate about, I've seen many people living corporate lives and whilst they [...]

Sherone : In A Word – Passion.2019-10-11T20:06:54-04:00

April 2019

Spring Sale : Save 20% on our most popular package.


Multiple Versions All your needs Your headshot will be delivered in 3 variations. A high-resolution file, suitable for printing (everything from business cards to bus shelters), a medium resolution file that works great on web sites and finally a social media version that just drops onto LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and is ready [...]

Spring Sale : Save 20% on our most popular package.2019-04-10T19:00:51-04:00

March 2019

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient


I'm going to take a wild guess here. There are some people who you like to do business with, over and over and they all have that one thing in common. And that one thing? Well it's somewhat elusive, probably cannot be taught, isn't in any textbook and there's no Netflix special on [...]

Roberto Ficzere : The Missing Ingredient2019-03-14T15:22:23-04:00

February 2019

Katie Porter : Driven to Deliver


I've photographed Katie Porter a couple of times now. I remember the first time because Katie left a lasting impression. Katie is driven. Now I meet driven people all the time - from CEOs of global companies to self-starters about to make their mark in the world. Katie ranks with the very very [...]

Katie Porter : Driven to Deliver2019-02-25T14:00:54-05:00

January 2019

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All


I must admit, there are some jobs that I couldn't do. It's not because I wouldn't want to, it's because it sometimes takes a special individual with a special set of skills to fill these roles. One of these people is Nikki Reavie, an Occupational Therapist with Sensory Based Solutions (SBS). I had [...]

Nikki Reavie : Making Sense of It All2019-01-21T09:12:26-05:00

December 2018

Vishal’s Choice


One of the hardest parts of my job is not in the actual photography, it's in what happens after the session is done. For those that don't know, once the session is concluded, we've probably taken somewhere in the region of 60-100 images. On my computer, with my software, I can easily review [...]

Vishal’s Choice2018-12-02T12:24:53-05:00

November 2018

Cristian Values


Cristian is a man of many talents, speaking 5 languages, having worked as a professional DJ and currently a realtor with Right at Home Realty in Burlington, Ontario. Cristian hails from Romania but has traveled extensively throughout his life. He approached BBImagery for a new set of headshots for his realty venture. [...]

Cristian Values2018-12-27T09:11:34-05:00

October 2018

Century 21 Miller : Committed to Excellence.


Some time ago I was working with a client and asked her how she had found out about me. It's a simple question but it helps me determine where my marketing dollars, time and effort are making a difference. I have run campaigns on Google, LinkedIn and others [...]

Century 21 Miller : Committed to Excellence.2018-10-17T11:05:44-04:00

August 2018

Navi : Client First, Second and Third.


BBImagery has a strong relationship with Century 21 Miller in Oakville, a Century 21 office that has over 80+ years of management experience on-board and is recognized as one of the top 12 offices globally. Each realtor that they send to us is different so we listen and adapt our sessions [...]

Navi : Client First, Second and Third.2018-08-14T17:38:22-04:00

Faisal Kabir : New Horizons


BBImagery recently welcomed Faisal Kabir to our studios in Burlington. Faisal is an all-round businessmen with his finger in a few different pies but he wanted a new range of headshots for his new business - mortgages. His latest venture is as a mortgage agent for Amzu Mortgages. I asked Faisal [...]

Faisal Kabir : New Horizons2018-08-08T14:21:28-04:00

April 2018

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC


I ask my clients to bring various things to their session; a change of clothing for example just in case what they thought would work best, turns out for the worst. One thing that I don’t mention (and perhaps I should) is energy. You know I can show you how to turn [...]

Meet Sandra, Interim Executive Director and CEO of REIC2018-04-10T15:17:21-04:00

March 2018

Model Eugenya : Patience


A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a model by the name Eugenya and she remains one of my all-time favourite models for a number of reasons, primarily though Eugenya has “posing patience”. Perhaps I should elaborate what I mean when I say “posing patience”. [...]

Model Eugenya : Patience2018-03-25T09:25:13-04:00