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If you're an actor and you're looking to get some headshots done, I may have just the project for you. During 2018 I am going to be offering 1 male and 1 female actor the opportunity to collaborate with me on a series of headshots. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please read below...


Who am I looking for?

Either agency or social media exposure.

As I'm trying to get the images that we produce in front of either the largest audience or representatives of acting agencies, the ideal candidate will either have a large social media following (preferably on Instagram) or be signed with an agency (preferably based in either Toronto, Vancouver, LA or New York).


How long are the sessions?

I'd say you're looking at a minimum of 2 hours (for 3 looks). We're never rushed to get things done, it's all at a leisurely pace so we can experiment a bit as we go and produce our best work.

Outfits and Make Up

What do I bring?

Golden rule – If in doubt – bring it, more is always better and you might be surprised at what works really well in front of the camera. We'll probably have discussed the looks we're going for prior to the session so base your decision making around those images.

If we have a make-up artist joining us then arrive with minimal / no make-up, if we don't then we're probably doing work that requires very little make-up so a small make-up kit – enough to fix flyaway hairs and give you a clean, natural face (foundation, concealer, eye liner) should be fine.

Selection, quantity and time.

Who picks the final image? How many do I get and how long does it take?

Let's say we've done 3 looks. For your portfolio you probably need 1 or 2 images per look so that's about 6 images. If there's a make-up artist we normally add one extra image per look and I normally pick a handful at some point after the other images are done. So in total you're probably looking at around 10-12 from the session. You're free to pick your own favourite images although for agency signed candidates I usually suggest they show them to the agency and let the agency pick which ones are most marketable. Each image normally takes 2 to 3 days to edit and you start getting images within a week of the final selection being made.


What can I do with the images?

Pretty much anything you like except sell them or re-edit them. You're welcome to submit them to magazines (and I'll happily fill out their release form), post them to social media or your own web site. I'm in exactly the same boat. The only thing I'd ask for is that you make sure you credit the whole team (actor, make-up artist, photographer and anybody else who contributed to the final look) wherever you post them - let's make sure everyone gets a leg up.

Common Questions

A few things that often come up.

So here's a few things that often come up when I'm discussing these sessions, if you have any more questions, just email me and I'll answer them for you.

  • I'm running late / need to cancel.

    If you're running late or need to cancel, call immediately. We may have a number of people waiting for you and if you're not going to make it, it's possible we can call someone up and see if they can fill in for you. If you're running late but still on the way, give us a shout so we can decide if there's still time to get things done or if we need to reschedule. Just don't keep us hanging around. Think of it as a job.
  • I know a make-up artist who wants to be part of this.

    Great. Get him or her to get in-touch with me and let's get them on board for the session.
  • Escorts and Drivers.

    Unfortunately due to a few bad experiences with escorts, I don't permit them anymore. If you're worried about your safety you're free to contact any of the models or actors that I've worked with previously for references. You're free to arrange for someone to come in and meet with me before returning at the end of the session. You're free to make safety calls throughout the session. If you're still concerned then I'm afraid we can't shoot. The session is work and if you're nervous, it'll show in the images and the session will be slower/harder and produce less results then we had hoped. So safety first and if you're not 100% then please don't apply.

I'm in, what next?

Review the inspirational images. Fill out this form.

Review the inspirational folder below, these are the kind of images I want to produce. Make a note of your favourite but also, if there's a specific look that you have in mind or need, you're welcome to send it to me.


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