Creative Headshot

Ryan enters the studio. He looks sharp, his hair, clothes, tie, accessories all sit exceptionally well on his frame. We talk a little about what we want to achieve during the session and it’s clear Ryan is looking to experiment a bit. There’s always a fine line between trying something different and needing to fit-in. In most of my corporate headshots, people err on the side of fitting-in. Maybe there’s already a corporate standard when it comes to professional headshots. But Ryan’s going to be his own boss, he’s starting his own business and as such, he can set the rules.

Ryan is opening a high-end barbershop. It sounds more like a cultural place rather than just somewhere you want to visit to get your hair trimmed. He certainly looks the part. He’s in the business of making people look good – so he wants something that stands out. We talk a little bit about our past – Ryan, like myself, is an immigrant to Canada.

My Dad took a leap of faith 25 years ago and moved to a new country with almost nothing to his name just so we could have a better future. Starting from the ground up, he climbed the ladder until he gave us the future and opportunties we enjoy today. He took this risk all those years ago because, for him, there was no other choice, there was no Plan B. He had to make it work. With that same fighting spirit, we formed Goldwyn & Sons and decided to name it after our Dad. Dad’s name means “Golden Friend”, which is who we want to be for our clients.Ryan

Ryan tells me a little bit about his background, it doesn’t appear that he lacks confidence, but this was not always the case.

“Several years ago, I was overweight and suffered from low self-esteem. But, one day about a decade ago, I had an epiphany that every person was meant to do something great, including me. But to do that, I needed to change. Yet, where was I supposed to go to make that change?”Ryan

We go on to talk about his new business. It’s not just a barbershop. Ryan wants to turn it into something of a community destination for like-minded individuals – people on a mission of self-improvement.

My vision is to help others develop the self-confidence to achieve their dreams.

Many barbershops offer great haircuts at low prices. But, Goldwyn & Sons Barbershop is more than just a barbershop, it is the one-stop-shop where a man can find the services and accessories he needs to improve his self-image, reading materials to stoke his thirst for self-development and a community of driven individuals with whom to network.” Ryan

I’ll leave the last words to Ryan. If you want to find out more about his new business, click on the images or the web site below.

“Every person was meant to do something great and I intend to make that possible for as many as I can while I’m here. That’s why my brother and I have created Goldwyn & Sons, a place, a culture and a community.”Ryan