Back-in-the-day, professional headshots were limited to upper or senior management. Those days are gone my friend. Today everyone from the CEO down to the latest graduate are getting professional profiles. Why? Well we can blame/thanks Social Media and Social Networks such as LinkedIn for a large part of that.

More than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn regularly.” – Omnicore

The infographic on the right shows the impact a professional photo can have on your ability to utilize that site for job searching, applications and hiring. The differences are huge.

Across multiple social networks, companies are working to build a consistent brand image. Why?


“82% of consumers trust a company more if the founder uses social media. ” –  Forbes

“77% of consumers were more likely to buy from a company more if the founder uses social media. ” –  Forbes

In short, a high quality professional profile will get you noticed on LinkedIn. A consistent message across social networks and good branding makes your company seem trustworthy and sociable – which consumers admire and respond to.

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Infographic on Headshots