I must admit, there are some jobs that I couldn't do. It's not because I wouldn't want to, it's because it sometimes takes a special individual with a special set of skills to fill these roles. One of these people is Nikki Reavie, an Occupational Therapist with Sensory Based Solutions (SBS). I had recently been watching "Atypical" on Netflix, which for those of you that haven't seen it, is about a teenage boy with Autism and the daily challenges for both him, his elder sister and parents. It's done in a comedic fashion although the undertones about some of the struggles placed not just on the main character but also those around him are present for all to see. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it. Nikki's son is also Autistic and we spoke at-length about the series vs reality. Her company, SBS seems to embrace a lot of what Nikki had spoken about.

"We provide occupational therapy services that enable neurodiverse individuals to achieve greater functional performance at school and/or work."
"We understand that neurological differences often come with functional challenges in daily life, but they also come with unique skills and aptitudes. We want to empower individuals, and their families/facilitators to cope with the demands of an educational system or a workplace that often does not understand how to ensure that neurodiverse individuals flourish. This includes everything from sensory profile assessments to treatment interventions including sensory diets. "
-- Nikki
I like the idea of working with individuals and their families on understanding the nature of the challenges they face and I really like the word 'flourish' - it sounds positive and uplifting and sets the right tone, for me at least, on a brighter future.

"A main focus of our assessment and treatment is identifying an individual's sensory profile. We are all unique individuals and so our approach is to provide individual, customized strategies tailored just for you."
-- Nikki

Nikki went on to explain that SBS is a home-based therapeautic business. Again, this is something I can get behind particuarly as I am aware that a safe and comfortable environment can be a critical first-step in any therapy.

"We understand just how difficult it can be to cope with the daily challenges that accompany neurodiversity. We want to help and support you as you navigate this journey."
-- Nikki

Nikki has over 20 years of experience as an occupational therapist, so this story can't really do justice to her nor her company and the work they do. If you'd like to know more, please click on the link below.