One of the hardest parts of my job is not in the actual photography, it's in what happens after the session is done. For those that don't know, once the session is concluded, we've probably taken somewhere in the region of 60-100 images. On my computer, with my software, I can easily review several images at the time and tag or discard rapidly. On a web browser, viewing a lot of images requires a lot of time and patience. So I typically narrow it down to a top 10 for my clients. This involves me stepping into their shoes - what do they want in an image? That by itself is hard enough, but the final and tallest hurdle is the editing. I have a certain workflow that I like to follow for each image - remove stray hairs, soften the skin, make the eyes pop, etc. but not everyone wants this kind of treatment. So it was the case with Vishal, an experienced and successful realtor serving the Burlington, Oakville and surrounding communities.

"I am a realtor of over 6 years of experience, serving the Oakville, Burlington and surrounding area markets. I’m also a Certified Negotiation Expert and have over 15 years of experience in retail management. I can bring a lot of skills, knowledge and expertise to the table to get the best deals for my clients."
-- Vishal
Although I did my usual editing for Vishal, he decided he wanted a more natural, less edited version of himself. Given his knowledge and experience of the industry that he is in, it would be foolish of me to place my opinion above those of someone so well versed in his own. Vishal explained to me the reason for his success

"My real estate strategy is based on three important columns.Firstly, let’s price it right, let’s get you the kind of deal you want in the timeframe that you need. Secondly, let’s present your home at it’s very best and finally, let’s market it through traditional and modern avenues to bring the most people through the door. So Price it, Present it and Market it."
"I have a network of contacts that will be at your disposal, from financial advisors to home inspectors and renovators - everything you need to make the process easy and efficient."
-- Vishal

So Vishal's image was edited and then reduced, and then reduced again until the final image met his vision and his criteria. He is the client after-all, he knows what he needs and he articulated his thoughts to me. I was happy to oblige.

At the end of the day, my job is to deliver to you an image that works for you, in whatever capacity you need the image to work. In Vishal's case he had a clear idea of what he needed to move his business forward. I'll leave the last word to Vishal and his strategy for success.

"Let me be your consultant, your negotiator and your friend. I want to be the kind of realtor that delivers an outstanding experience to you and one that you’d be happy to refer to in the future."
-- Vishal
Vishal's experience and success speaks for itself, if any of my readers would like to know more about Vishal, please click on the link below.