Cristian is a man of many talents, speaking 5 languages, having worked as a professional DJ and currently a realtor with Right at Home Realty in Burlington, Ontario. Cristian hails from Romania but has traveled extensively throughout his life. He approached BBImagery for a new set of headshots for his realty venture. We spoke about what makes him different from other realtors in a highly competitive market.

My name is Cristian and I am a realtor with Right At Home Realty in the GTA. My goal, is to nurture long-term relationships, not just with buyers, but with investors and sellers. Let me explain how my approach is different.
1. Information
People find value in raw, honest information, but what’s honest information and what’s disinformation in a world where we get flooded with statistics trying to up-sell or cross-sell us every minute of everyday. It is my job to be the eyes and ears of our local real estate market. In my opinion, and my business, I feel it is my job to educate and consult with people. I might sell a house, but I don’t push people into the choices they make. We are expected to be experts in our field so we can advise our clients on the right path for their goals and not ours."
2. Simplicity
I don’t over-complicate the process. I simplify the process and information. I get to the point.
-- Cristian

Cristian wanted two looks - something a bit casual / wider and something a bit tighter. We shot against different backgrounds; white allows the background to be easily removed and replaced with something else, such as a logo or image. The darker background created a more 'professional' but still approachable image. Cristian's values didn't just stop with Information and Simplicity as he want on to explain.

3. Authenticity
I am who I am. I am not defined by my business choices but by my life choices. I strive for life goals before business goals.
4. Trust
I am that person that you can trust. I have existing clients who still call me seeking advice on renovations or upgrades or improvements to their house. Why? Because
of a sense of trust, because I was looking out for their interests, because they know the advice they will receive will be first-and-foremost in their best interests.
-- Cristian

Cristian was kind enough to leave a review of BBImagery on our Google Business Page.


It’s all about Information, Simplicity, Authenticity and Trust but in the end, it’s really all about you. My name is Cristian and I want to help you achieve your real-estate goals.
-- Cristian

If you're interested in learning more about Cristian, please contact him using the link below .