Some time ago I was working with a client and asked her how she had found out about me. It's a simple question but it helps me determine where my marketing dollars, time and effort are making a difference. I have run campaigns on Google, LinkedIn and others as well as printed material like 'refer-a-friend' postcards. I was fully expecting this client to say something like Google or "word of mouth" when in fact she told me that she had simply asked the office manager and they had suggested me. I was on, as she called it, a "preferred photographers list" - news to me, very very welcome news. News that I felt deserved some sort of response. That office manager was Elizabeth Novoa at Century 21 Miller.

So I worked on a realtor appreciation package - a package I could offer brokerages in the area. Their realtors would receive a substantial discount on their headshots if the brokerage continued to recommend me and I met their high standards for photography. Century 21 Miller, the company that had already put me on their preferred list, would be the first to be offered this promotion. As an added incentive, I designed a self-booking system which the realtors could use to simply book themselves in for their headshot - pick a date, pick a time and pick a package - done.

A few weeks later, I had set up a meeting with Elizabeth at the new, state-of-the-art Century 21 Miller office. We spoke, she reviewed the package details and the relationship has flourished ever since. Here's what Elizabeth has to say about Century 21 Miller and what sets their brokerage apart from the others.

At Century 21 Miller we are committed to helping YOU thrive in this industry. We are very proud of our office and our entire team. Our admin team provides a crucial role in making sure processes run as smoothly as possible so that our salespeople are happy and productive and our clients are completely satisfied.

-- Elizabeth
I had the pleasure to shoot the management team, the images from that session are shared with you on this page. They were brilliant - bags of fun to shoot, very professional and extremely friendly. What a team.

Our management team is committed to ensuring that this company stays focused and on track to our goals and our mission statement. The salespeople in our office serve an important role through their hard work and passion for the real estate business and their encouragement and support of their fellow Realtors.
-- Elizabeth

The Century 21 Miller backs up these words with their awards, being in the top 21 offices in Canada by production since 1988 and globally since 2010.

Elizabeth was kind enough to leave a review of BBImagery on our Google Business Page.


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