BBImagery recently welcomed Faisal Kabir to our studios in Burlington. Faisal is an all-round businessmen with his finger in a few different pies but he wanted a new range of headshots for his new business - mortgages. His latest venture is as a mortgage agent for Amzu Mortgages. I asked Faisal to explain more about what his company would be offering.

AMZU mortgages deal with equity based second mortgages but also debt consolidation, refinancing and equity take outs. The idea is to help people paying extortionate rates on credit card balances or line of credits to actually move forward rather than just treading water, or worse, slowly sinking.
The money saved could be used for help in other areas, such as property tax arrears, improving your credit standing or for those that are self-employed, perhaps the difference between growth and stagnation.
-- Faisal Kabir

Faisal wanted images that would work on his web site, but, wisely, he recognizes the impact that social media has in the way we both receive information and contact vendors, so he wanted to use those images for everything from LinkedIn to Twitter - giving people a range of convenient options to choose from when contacting him. The idea of making communication as easy and convenient as possible seems to fit very well with his company's ethos for mortgages.

We try and make the whole process easy and straightforward, you can even apply online.
-- Faisal Kabir

I thoroughly enjoyed shooting Faisal for his headshots, he decided on a mix of 3 headshots in the end to give him a range of looks that would work well across all his communication media. Faisal was kind enough to leave a review of BBImagery on our Google Business Page.


If you're interested in learning more about Faisal and his approach to mortgage lending, please contact him using any of the links below.