A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with a model by the name Eugenya and she remains one of my all-time favourite models for a number of reasons, primarily though Eugenya has “posing patience”. Perhaps I should elaborate what I mean when I say “posing patience”. Eugenya is also a life-drawing, painting model and so can hold a pose for, what seems like, an eternity. I can barely sit still for 5 minutes while she is able to hold a pose for hours. Apart from her posing, Eugenya has amazing facial features and absolutely gorgeous curly hair.
She disappeared off the radar a while back and then recently I saw she had updated her profile on the ModelMayhem modelling site. I was hoping she had been off doing wonderfully creative projects but sadly the news was not so positive. Eugenya had been suffering from an underlying health condition which had sapped her energy levels and an eye condition known as Nystagmus. From her profile

I have Nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eyes). I do not drive, and I have trouble getting around for other reasons.


As a result of her medical conditions, Eygenya has to pace herself throughout the day, avoiding activities which would drain her energy too rapidly.

I can sit for portraits now, either clothed or topless. I am unable to do gestures anymore, but I can sit very still for long periods of time.


Eugenya mentioned that she was still able to do some modelling work, so I asked if it was OK for me to write a short story about her to see if I could help spread the word about the kind of work she can still do and hopefully find people out there that may have use for her talents.
If you do know somebody who may have use for this stunning model, please get in touch with either me at this site or with Eugenya over at ModelMayhem.com, clicking on any of the pictures in this story will take you directly to her profile.

Eugenya on Model Mayhem