Although we’re primarily a headshot photography company, we do offer other ‘formats’. One common request is to be shot against a white background, not because of the look, but because the background will be removed in a process called compositing.
Essentially compositing involves removing the subject from one background and placing them on another background (such as perhaps, a doctor’s lab or in front of a building). Steffen from Infinity Insurance and Investments, came to us with such a request and we were happy to help out. Steffen and his web and graphic design team needed 4 shots, a headshot, a half length, a full length and a seated pose for Steffen’s new marketing initiative. We talked through this process with him and then spent a few hours in the studio with Steffen to achieve what he needed.

Steffen is in the financial services industry, but I’ll let him explain a little bit about Infinity Insurance and Investments.

[Infinity Insurance and Investments] are in the business of helping Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and their families achieve a high level of financial awareness and security through the traditional vehicles such as RRSP's, TFSA's, Disability Insurance and Life Insurance, which will ensure that their present and futures are filled with Confidence, Security and Stability no matter what Life may throw at them. The most important part of Your families financial picture is You.

-Steffen deGraaf

And on the need for a new series of headshots and portraits.

In the world of financial services, technology can be an incredible way to distribute information out to our clients and perspective clients. We are about to pursue an incredible new way to communicate relevant and timely information out to our clients, and wanted an updated look to follow along with our new efforts.

As most people do at least a preliminary search on the internet to get advice, or research a financial partner, we feel it is imperative to give a view of those people you will be working with throughout your financial success, so you get the convenience of technology, with the warmth of a real person.

-Steffen deGraaf

As there was no package the offered exactly what Steffen was looking for, we created a custom package that worked within his budget. We’re happy to do this for all our clients, because we know that being flexible is just another business service.
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