When Re/Max Burlington contacted me and said they wanted to send someone over, I was expecting a realtor. Ivica is a realtor, but also so much more. From the moment he arrived he had a very clear vision of what he wanted; the mood; the style; the look. He came prepared with one outfit because that’s the one he wanted and his styling was impeccable. Even the small touches, like the pocket-square, watch and accessories all reflected a man whose eye for detail and design was as sharp as the suit he was wearing. It was a genuine pleasure to shoot such a focused and driven individual.

Home Design, Renovations, and Real Estate have always been some of my passions. I have in my history bought and sold numerous residential and commercial properties. With my experience in the home improvement industry coupled with my buying of homes and condos on spec, buying of resale homes and condos, renovating, flipping and building my own custom home, I have plenty of personal experience to share with you. It does not stop there. I have vast design skills, and an eye for endless creative ideas, so you will not only have someone assisting in buying or selling your home, you have someone who will help make your new house a home.

You are not just paying someone who will help buy and sell your house, you are partnering with someone who cares and will sell you a lifestyle!

I look forward to working together.


We were pleased to see the headshot we created for Ivica on his new web site. It looks terrific and fits right in with the very clean aesthetic of the whole site. To find out more about Ivica, click on the image below.