Where should I begin with Graciela (or Grace as I know her); she’s a terrific model of course, but also a very talented actor. Grace is originally from beautiful Ecuador and then lived in Spain but now resides in Toronto, Ontario. I first saw Grace on her Model Mayhem profile (link below). She approached me with some thoughts on working together and I was impressed by her poise and elegance in many of her portfolio shots. She reminded me of Jennifer Lopez (a compliment, she informed me, that she receives quite often) and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with her.

“I was just stepping into the modelling world when I came across Brhum’s photography’s portfolio, I liked his gallery and decided to contact him. Although I was really shy and very inexperienced by then, Brhum’s professionalism, kindness and patience helped me to overcome my fears and become more comfortable and confident on each of our sessions. Brhum and I have done 8 projects together since then and I without a doubt today I can say that Brhum is my favourite photographer and I highly recommend him. ”


These images are all from our first session together where we mixed glamour and dramatic – mirroring Grace’s twin passions of modelling and acting. It was another extremely long session but also very fruitful. One of the key things you discover when working with a new model (that is someone who you have never worked with before rather than someone who has never modeled before) is how well you get on. There can be a meeting of artistic minds but you also need to gel together as individuals. You need to be comfortable when things don’t go as planned and need to feel each other’s delight when things go better. This was the case with Grace. We both thoroughly enjoyed our time, it didn’t feel like we were working on our portfolios; but more that we were just enjoying the opportunity to be creative and have fun. As the evening drew to a close, we both agreed that more sessions should be planned and so it turned out to be. We’ve had seven more sessions since that first time and we continue to exchange ideas for future sessions.

In the next post, I’ll look back at some of the other sessions we worked on together, including one devoted exclusively to ‘hair’ (for a magazine submission) and another with a second model, Nancy, who had never modeled before.

You can find out more about Graciela by clicking on the links below.

“My name is Graciela Martinez, I am an actress and model from Toronto. I have a background in Accounting, but 4 years ago decided to follow the path of the acting world, last month I graduated from the program Acting from Camera and Voice at Seneca College. My other passion is modelling, since I was a child I always dreamed about being a model, but somehow along the path I got discouraged. Two years ago I took the opportunity to do some voluntary photoshoots and started building my portfolio. Right now I work as a full time actress and model.”