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We had the pleasure of welcoming Prabhjeev Gambhir to our studio recently. Prabh was initially interested in just a single image package but bought along a bunch of different outfits to try. As the session concluded, he decided that he liked how each different outfit gave off a different aspect of his persona. The jacket and shirt for instance suited the ‘licensed mortgage agent’ image he wanted to portray and the jacket / t-shirt look was more for his entrepreneurship. Part of the service we offer people is the ability to pick one package but then purchase extra images if they feel they actually want some variety.  Prabh needed the more formal image first so that’s what we worked on. Once his other endeavors gain steam, he’ll decide which of the more casual images suits the direction best. BBImagery archives all our session images, so even if you need something months after your session, we can recall your images in a flash and you’re able to review and pick what you need.

Prabhjeev is a recent graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business and is currently building a business within the mortgage space. He is also a licensed Mortgage Agent and is working with Dominion Lending Centres. Feel free to reach out to him if you are looking for a mortgage or would like to speak to him about entrepreneurship.

Prabhjeev can be contacted at

[x_pullquote cite=”Prabhjeev” type=”left”]Brhum is an absolute pleasure to work with. I am really happy with the results and would highly recommend him.[/x_pullquote]