[dropcap] I [/dropcap]’ve worked with KPKate (web site) on numerous occasions, we started working together in 2013 and I’ve invited her back several times to collaborate with me on ideas and to build our portfolios. No two sessions are the same and for our last outing, we had concepts in mind ranging from edgey to arty. Kate in particular likes to work on drawings and paintings in her spare time and she’s often pulling ideas and inspiration from the old masters and looking to apply them in a photographic setting. Here’s how she describes herself.

[blockquote cite=”KPKate” type=”left, center, right”]I’ve always identified as a right-brained individual. My parents urged me to draw in my very own ‘sketchbook’ when I was a toddler (might have had something to do with the fact that I like to draw on walls). From childhood to adulthood, my life has been driven by my desire to create. Whether painting, writing, taking pictures, I find something that inspires me and try to build from it. While my imagination has been a big motivator for me, it has also been a handicap. Oftentimes, I begin on an endeavour and halfway through I find something else that captures my attention. I guess that makes me a spitting representation of my generation – I seem to start more things than I can finish.[/blockquote]

These TFP (Time for Print, although rarely these days to people require print) sessions are common in the modelling industry. Models, Retouchers, Hair Stylists, Photographers and Make-Up Artists come together for the mutual benefit of their respective portfolios – each adding something to the mix to help improve the final result, which they all share. With Kate the sessions are a bit more relaxed, just throw some ideas together, meet up, shoot and experiment, there’s always some direction to the proceedings but we let ourselves go in whatever direction the mood takes us, it’s not always successful as Kate indicates below.

[blockquote cite=”KPKate” type=”left, right”]I’ve worked with Brhum multiple times – we seem to complement each other in our styles and creative direction. I can’t really explain how, it’s almost as if while we’re working together, one of us gets a really cool idea and we just roll with it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. I was particularly pleased with this past shoot. We managed to create some beautiful fine-art pieces. They remind me of figure studies that you would find in an art students sketchbook.[/blockquote]So, a good shoot, and hopefully more collaborations to come. Portfolio building is important for both models and photographers and it’s always nice to work with someone who shares your ideas and thoughts to get the end results you both can be proud of.