You know once in a while I like to work on personal projects. A majority of my creative work is still portrait in nature but these projects allow me to experiment with different lighting, different posing and other elements of composition which simply wouldn’t be acceptable with client work. It also affords me the opportunity to work with different, creative individuals and can be produce exceptionally rewarding images. I normally post a casting call (“looking for someone to work with me “) but sometimes I get contacted by models who see my portfolio and send me a message asking if we can work together. Such was the case recently when Eugenya got in touch and asked about doing some B&W work together. Eugenya is a model based in Toronto, Canada and I liked the expressive nature of her portfolio so we agreed to collaborate on a session covering a range of looks and sentiment, hoping to produce some high quality images as a result.

I asked Eugenya to tell me a little bit about herself

Modeling has been my only job since July of 2008.  I mostly model for art schools, studios, and other venues.  My favourite place to model is the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Sometimes, I model right in the gallery (and not the Gallery School, where they teach art classes),  nude and surrounded by old paintings and sculptures, and with the public milling about.  I find this to be great fun, actually, which leads me to believe that I have a bit of the exhibitionist in me.  It’s also strange that I would enjoy this because I’m actually a painfully shy and introverted person.  I’m a single Mom of two kids, in my forties, and I greatly enjoy dabbling in photography.  My favourite pastime is turning my problems into a stand-up comedy routine inside my head.  In fact, I can’t really understand things until I parody them.  I am keen to parody my own life in a series of photographs, which I have started preparing for.  I have recently launched my Model Mayhem photographers profile, where I hope to show more of the way I see things.

As you can probably tell, Eugenya is a unique individual but she is also an extremely professional model, her figure modelling has given her great discipline to hold poses for seemingly impossible lengths of time and it makes the work of a photographer that much easier if your subject is so good at her craft. Eugenya was kind enough to leave a review on Yelp for me.

I had a wonderful time shooting with Brhum.  He was very professional and courteous, and was always making sure that I was comfortable and happy with the shots we were getting.  The portraits Brhum took of me are the best so far in my five year long modeling career (he took my avatar shot).  I couldn’t be happier with the results!  He was also very quick in getting me the final post-processed images.

You can see the results of our collaboration below.

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