Before you consider hiring BBImagery for your headshots, or any photographer, review their portfolio. We're proud of ours and we welcome the opportunity to show it to you.

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We're proud of our work, and we work with pride, but don't listen to us (well, maybe a little), what do our clients have to say about the BBImagery Experience and the results we deliver?

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All Our Packages Include

At least one hour in the studio
Even our starter package, the social plus, includes one hour in the studio. Why so long? Well, we don't want to rush, and if that means we try different shoulder positions, chin angles, expressions and so forth to deliver the perfect headshot, then let's take our time and get it right!
We know it's not easy getting your headshot done, so, we'll coach you all the way. We'll guide you on what to do, subtle changes here and there that can transform your headshot from good to great.
Professional Post Production
Sometimes known as "Photoshopping" - this is the process where we clean up skin features such as blemishes, softening of wrinkles, whitening teeth - nothing over the top - this isn't Vogue, but just enough to make you look your very best.
Different Sizes
One size doesn't fit all when it comes to your image, so each image we deliver comes in 3 sizes, one that is print-ready, one that is web-ready and one that is social media (incl. LinkedIn) ready. Everything you need to kick start your brand.
Fast Turnaround
Available as an add-on to your package. Fast Turnaround is the procrastinator's best friend. We work to deliver your image within 24 hrs of selection (our usual turnaround is 4 days), ideal for those last-minute emergencies.
Also an add-on to any package and the specialty of the house. Don't think that B&W just means no-colour. It's an art form. Subtle changes in shadows and highlights, to the contrast, and even old-fashioned film grain. When you add B&W to your package we give you three variations to pick from so you can get the kind of image only B&W can deliver.


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